Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Jealous, much?

Ever feel green with envy?
If you say "no", then you're clearly fibbing. It's easy to get a little jealous at times and sometimes it's downright great (i.e. The Jealous Curator).

This is an awesome blog to just stumble on. Practically everyday it's updated with highlights of a specific artist and why the blogger is "jealous" of them. It's really quite an ingenious idea because as artists, it's really easy to wonder why everyone else seems to better than you.

My favorite part of the blog is that every type of art is covered. One day is realism and the next is some type of collage (with everything in-between).

Within the last week I've found two artists that make my heart sing. Both are a little quirky and totally cup of tea.

Christopher Stott focuses on realistic paintings of time-tested objects, such as books and vintage suitcases. They are so true to form that you just want to reach out and grab them. Just don't get your fingers caught in the blades.
San Francisco based artist, Wendy MacNaughton, hits the Northern California art scene on the head. She's a mixture of spunk and social commentary. Her watercolors are soft and sweet but say more than you'd think.


If you were smart, then you should be so inclined to include The Jealous Curator on your blog roll.


  1. I am totally offended by the way you started off this blog. How can you just PRESUME that I said I don't get jealous, and then call me a liar?! That is so rude.