Friday, April 22, 2011

Will Work for Tickets

Found out last night that Ms. Cottle has tickets to Florence + the Machine at the Greek Theater in Berkeley this June.

Just checked and there are no mas unless I want to pay double the price on Craigslist. No bueno.

Too bad...looks like we might have been separated at birth...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Who is DECOU and what is his PAGE?

Today is craft day. We're getting down and dirty with some glue, wire and paper products.

Three friends and I were asked to co-curate the Annual Senior Show/Art Ball this year and we're taking it very seriously. Very.
We have searched many blogs and expensive shops to come up with some ideas.

Tonight's list consists of:
  • Lanterns out of old books and Christmas lights.
    • Pause for a brief intake of wine
  • Paper flowers from tissue paper and probably some more books.
    • Pause for some more wine
      • Maybe a little cheese and bread
  • Dare I say "table runners"?
    • Guess what comes now...
I am sure that we will be able to get some of these things done but something tells me it will be more of an impromptu dance/get glue in places you shouldn't party.
Either way, it should be fun and there will be some finished product photos to follow.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Food Porn

I'm not taking a lunch break at work this week so I have shorter days sitting in front of my glowing screen.
It's pretty darn nice not having to prepare lunch in the morning or spend an arm and a leg buying something at the mediocre cafeteria downstairs.
It sure as hell makes you preeetttty hungry though (especially when your co-worker leaves early to go to a pizza buffet, which then leads to a discussion of favorite toppings. Thanks, April).

So, here I sit.
I sit on an extra slow day attempting to not think about lunch.
Not think about the one hour and seventeen minutes until I am gone for the day.

It works for a bit.
That's when I realize I haven't checked my favorite blogs for the day...almost all of which are friggin' food blogs.

I wonder if food porn is acceptable at work?
Drooling over pickled grapes and pea-pesto seems almost as sad as finding out your co-worker is into S&M.

Until I can walk (power-walk/run without being awkward) home, I think I've found a new screen-saver...
Compliments of Smitten Kitchen
...and I'm not embarrassed...sort of.