Thursday, September 16, 2010

breaking News & Review stand

In February, my friend Mollie informed me that The Sacramento News & Review was seeking new artists to paint their infamous stands on every corner of downtown. I promptly emailed the lady and waited for a response that I assumed would sound like "I've been looking for someone like you. Talent, personality AND good looks! We need you". Well, it didn't necessarily come back like that. It was more like "Sorry. At this time we have enough artists. We'll keep you on file".
I put it out of my mind and saved the email just in case. Then, in August I got what I had been waiting for. They got a new shipment of news stands and needed more artists. I immediately picked one up and placed it in the middle of my tiny apartment. As any budding artist would do, I let it sit. I did nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing for about 3 weeks. After some pushing from a certain person, ah 'em, Brian, I starting painting. I just couldn't get motivated. Can you blame me? It's my last Summer as a "student" so I wasn't in the mood to do much of anything that didn't involve eating bon-bons and watching re-runs.

At the beginning of September, I was forced against my will to go to a horrible place that I hate (NOT).
For my birthday I got to pick somewhere I wanted to go and I chose the wonderful Emerald City . On top of that, there was a 3 day music extravaganza known as Bumbershoot there. Not to shabby of a birthday present, but it doesn't beat the box a underwear I gave him. That's for sure.
Anyways, this was just another excuse to put off working.

I got back refreshed and ready to work.
More like forced to work considering I have 2 advanced classes, and independent studio class, a sketch book to start for a national tour AND a solo show on campus in November (phew).
Okay, I'm done complaining...I also got a new job with the EPA.
Alright. I'm done now.
Back to the point, I did it. I finished my stand. I turn it in tomorrow morning and can only hope that it is actually placed outside downtown rather than in some office somewhere.
Fingers crossed, folks. I'll do my begging to see where I can get it to go and I'll keep everyone informed when/if my picture and bio gets published in SN&R.

I'm ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille.