Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...It Lasts Longer

My days at work are normally filled with infrequent "on-task" things to do. Instead of doing Excel testing or system mock-ups, I prefer to blogroll.
Being 25 years old and still having a student job kind of stings a bit at times, but "Hey!, It's getting me through grad school."

I've got a pretty steady list of amazing blogs I follow and always seem to find more just by clicking an intriguing link.
Yesterday was no exception.

It always happens that I find a never ending list of things to look at just before it's time to head home. So this morning I got a lovely surprise/reminder when I turned on my computer. I saved a couple of sites that I found extraordinary.
One in particular stood out.

It's called Dear Photograph. It's part Post Secret with a dash of grandma's photo album. People can submit pictures of them holding old photos taken in the same spot. I clearly love the idea of having having a new updated photo of an old cherished memory, as per my last blog entry.

Sound great? I think so too.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Back to the Future Photography

Today I found photographer, Irina Werning from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a sense of humor and a great eye...which are great characteristics alone, but together are magnificent.

Take a look at some of her series, "Back to the Future", where she recreates people's favorite childhood photographs.